Hershey Park {round 2}

Spring is finally here!


The view off our deck

And springtime means our annual trip to Hershey Park! If you recall, every year Steve’s company rents out the entire amusement park. We still have to pay for our tickets, but they are at a discounted price, and the best part is that because tickets are limited to Northrop Grumman friends and family, the lines for all the rides are really short!


Welcome to Hershey Park!

We carpooled with our friends Andrew and Felicia, and we met up with some of Steve’s co-workers for lunch and a few roller coasters.



Steve and Felicia don’t really like roller coasters, so they found their way to the arcade while Andrew and I (and others) were out riding the coasters.




Steve and Felicia showing off their winnings from the arcade!

I was able to get Steve on one roller coaster called the Trail Blazer.


I’ll take any chance I can get to ride a roller coaster with this guy!


We also made sure to go on some rides that weren’t roller coasters. First up, the Kissing Tower!



A view of the park from the top of the Kissing Tower!


We also hit up the ferris wheel.


What this picture doesn’t show is the cold rain pelting us!

And what is a trip to an amusement park without some junk food!


Bacon Ranch Cheesy Fries…DELICIOUS!!!


This picture pretty much sums us up.


Felicia searched far and wide for a funnel cake…and she finally found one!

We had great weather until about 4:00, when it started to rain. We had been there since it opened at 10:00, so we decided to hit up Chocolate World and then head home.


The infamous singing animatronic cows!

We had a great time with some great friends, and we can’t wait to go again next year!

Until our next adventure,



4 thoughts on “Hershey Park {round 2}

  1. Looked like a great place to unwind after your house project. Know you will always have things to do on the house, but that doesn’t mean you should always be working on it. Some things can wait. We are getting things cleaned up around here in preparation for the real estate salesperson to take pictures of the house for their company’s email showing. Then in a few days, maybe 3 or 4, we could have some lookers going through the house. Will need to keep it cleaned and straightened up for potential buyers. They can call and ask to take people through the house. Only have to give us an hour’s warning. Hate to think of leaving the woods, but since we are now legal residents of Arizona will need to plan on what to do with the house. Have been here 39 years so guess it is time to consider leaving it. We have blood, sweat, and tears in it just like you have in your new house. Earl is proud of the way you two jumped into your project and solved problems, learned that you could do it, —- you both deserve the nice house you have. Give yourself a chance to enjoy it. Completely finishing it CAN take awhile. Take some time to live it and enjoy what you have done. Sincerely, Earl & Sheila.

    • It was a great trip! We’re well aware that there will always be work to do, and we’ve more or less taken the last month off of doing any renovation work. However, I’m looking forward to tackling some projects this weekend! 🙂 Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the showing and selling of your house. I can only imagine how hard it would be to leave a house after being in a house as long as you guys have been! Love you guys and talk to you soon!

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